Wait, who the heck is Kevin Gallagher?

First and Foremost...

Kev is a dad to three wonderful children–two boys and a girl. While it often seems like the kids have a busier schedule than Kev does, some of their favorite times are when things slow down and they have family time–game/puzzle nights, movie nights, etc. Recently, they've been bonding over Philadelphia sports as a family. These three kids have seen winning teams that make it to the postseason and even the championship games–more times than Kev did in his childhood. But they have quickly learned the motto Kev has been living by since he was their age: We'll get 'em next year.

While Kev has tried his hardest to get his kids, specifically his two oldest, to join him in his nerdom with Star Wars and comic book movies, they have shown very little interest. That said, Trey (Kev's oldest) loves history, greek mythology, and Godzilla–the latter two which they do bond over. And while it drives Kev crazy, Trey does watch MCU movies... wildly out of order.

Aubrey, Kev's middle child and only girl, loves art, horror/thriller books, and The Christmas Chronicles. Kev is counting down the days until he can watch horror movies with Aubrey and loves every rewatch of Kurt Russell as Santa Clause.

Meanwhile, Logan, Kev's youngest, is too little to try and convince to love anything but what he wants to love. It's Logan's world, we're just living in it. He does LOVE dinosaurs and Kev can't wait to watch Jurassic Park with him. For now, he'll settle for T-Rex RanchMickey Mouse, and Pinkfong.

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One of Kev's first passions was wrestling. He used to watch WWE (then WWF) as a child and there was something about it that captured his imagination. The performance, the storytelling, the athleticism... whatever it was, Kev was hooked. Before we get any further...


Kev started in the backyard and can not stress enough that this isn't the way anyone should start in the wrestling business. Even with proper training and years of experience, injuries happen–without that training, you can get seriously injured. That said, this is part of Kev's story. And he wouldn't change a thing.

Wrestling, even the ill-advised backyard days, formed a brotherhood with the group that built it from a backyard federation–wrestling on a tarp, then a homemade ring, and finally a purchased professional ring–to a legitimately licensed organization. Kev may not have been the best wrestler, but it was a time of his life he'll never forget and will cherish forever.

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broken ankle later...

In February of 2007, Kev broke his ankle, straight across–seriously, it was hanging to the side. This effectively took Kev out of wrestling for several weeks (which turned into several years). This moment ended up being a pivotal moment for Kev as he no longer had the creative outlet wrestling had to offer. It was during this time that Kev started listening to Kevin Smith's podcast: SModcast. This eventually led to Kev's next creative passion.


In 2002, a local radio station (94.1 YSP [RIP]) mentioned something about looking for their next DJ and accepting demo tapes. Kev and a friend, Jay, talked about recording one and submitting it, though nothing ultimately happened. Fast forward to 2007 and during Kev's recovery from his broken ankle, the opportunity to host a podcast dropped in Kev's lap. Going by his wrestling persona (Steel Tip) and bringing Jay along for the ride, Happy Hour with Steel Tip was born.

While that show was short-lived, it awakened the creative fulfillment Kev was missing from no longer wrestling. He went on to start another show in 2008 called Creepcast. Kev (still using the Steel Tip persona) and Jay remained the main hosts but had a whole new crew with them. This version of the show was ultimately over by the end of the year.

In 2009, Creepcast Season 2 debuted with an entirely new crew who would continue as one of the longest-running crews as the show transformed into Happy Hour. It was during this time that Kev reunited with his HHWST producer and was contracted to co-host The Stabcast. At some point in 2010, Happy Hour slightly changed its format and became a two-person show (similar to The Stabcast) and Kev went on to start a handful of other shows; most notably The Zombcast (formerly known as The Walking Dead Zombcast).

Ultimately, Kev would step away from podcasting in mid to late 2011 as he was preparing to become a dad for the first time.

In 2015, the itch to podcast returned and Kev started plotting a return. The biggest pain of being an indie podcaster is scheduling time to meet with a co-host regularly; especially when adult responsibilities now take a larger priority. Thus, Everything is Awesome was born–a show that felt like two people talking about pop culture but one of those people was different each week. Within that conversation, an interview took place. Since 2016, Kev has been hosting Everything is Awesome (ditching the Steel Tip persona as he had grown as a person, was a bit more responsible, and wanted to be more his authentic [nerdy] self).

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Writing, World Building, and Game Design

Another passion of Kev's is storytelling. He started writing a fantasy novel (under Michael DeAngelo's Tellest banner in 2000). Although that has morphed several times over the last 24 years, he's still working on it and believes it will be ready within the next 12-18 months (for real, sometimes writing is a PROCESS).

While working on various iterations of his story over the years, Kev also found a passion for writing about pop culture. He's written for Dark Knight NewsBam! Smack! Pow!, and Dork Side of the Force in varying capacities. He still occasionally writes about pop culture for That's Entertainment and is hoping to increase his output, between That's Entertainment, this blog, and any guest writing that may come his way.

Kev's interest in fiction and tabletop roleplaying games lead to the natural progression of world building and game design. Outside of his own universe he's building for his fantasy/science fiction series, he's helped build up parts of Tellest. He'll frequently create smaller worlds that he'd like to see come to fruition in other projects he's got on the back burner. Kev considers himself very much novice and game design, but has dabbled in creating some supplements for Jeff Stormer's Mission: Accomplished! and a handful of wrestling inspired TTRPGs.

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Kev officially took his miscellaneous passions and created a small business to not only help bring those passions to life, but to help others bring their dream projects to life. Starbird Media is Levittown PA (Bucks County) based web design, hosting, & support, podcast production, custom apparel, and digital marketing agency. His goal is to help small businesses and content creators bring their visions to life in an affordable way while maintaining a high level of deliverables and support.
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Failure is
Success Training

One of the biggest lessons I've taken away from life, though Kevin Smith inspires the saying, is that failure is far from a bad thing. It's not great and it's going to feel bad at first. But you learn from that failure. And no matter what you do next, you have that knowledge to help you do better this time. You cannot have success without the failures along the way. Failure is Success Training.

Hey, my name is Kevin Gallagher

Nice To Meet You!

So that's it. That's me. I'm Kev. First and foremost, I'm a dad to three wonderful children. I'm an uber Kevin Smith fan and enjoy nearly everything he does. Yes, even Yoga Hosers. I'm an emotional person–so much so that I even cried during Kermit's monologue in The Muppets. One of the craziest facts about me is that the very first concert I ever went to was the Spice Girls. Yep... and I was a fan. I once owned TWO copies of Spice World on VHS. Before you even ask, it's Baby Spice.

love pop culture. One of my greatest loves was The CW's Arrowverse. One could argue it's one of the best cinematic universes we've gotten on screen. That doesn't take away my love of the MCU and DC Films (they are trying their best!). Star WarsBack to the Future, and Indiana Jones have such a special place in my heart. The Evil Dead franchise is my favorite horror franchise, though I'd have to say that Scream is my favorite horror movie of all time.

I bleed green in the (suburbs of the) greatest city on Earth, Philadelphia! GO BIRDS!

Let's Work Together!